Jonathan Arter is president of Taniscott Capital, Inc. where, among other things, he is carrying on the trend and cycle work developed by Ian S. Notley.  Jonathan and Ian worked together for nearly 20 years developing further the work Ian first pioneered at Dominion Securities and later at Yelton Fiscal, Inc.

Jonathan has worked in the investment industry for 28 years.  Prior to joining Yelton Fiscal, he worked with Richard Arms who is the creator of the popular Wall Street indicator TRIN, now commonly known as The Arms Index.  Earlier in his career, Jonathan focused on volume studies for the domestic and international institutional investment community.  This led him on to the broader global capital markets analysis.  He is a graduate of Bates College with a degree in economics.

Jonathan is a member of and frequent speaker for:

  • American Association of Professional Technical Analysts (AAPTA)
  • International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA)
  • Market Technicians Association (MTA)

He is a guest lecturer for various U.S. universities for graduate business degrees.  Curriculum focuses on business cycle and stock market cycles with particular emphasis on very long-term secular forces and their impact on the current cycle for all asset classes. He also participates in a high level think-tank group on economic, financial, political and climatic forecasting.

In partnership with the MTA Educational Foundation (MTAEF), Jonathan has announced the formation of The Ian S. Notley Memorial Award which will present a $2,500 prize awarded to that student who writes the winning paper addressing market and business cycles and the oscillations present in capital markets on a secular and cyclic basis.  It is expected that first award will be given in December 2010.