Mike Epstein Award

In 2009, the MTA Educational Foundation established an annual award in memory of our late colleague, Mike Epstein. Each year, the award is presented to the person who best exemplifies Mike’s goals for long-term sponsorship of Technical Analysis in Academia and in practice!

  • 2014 Award Winner.  Blake LeBaron – The MTA Educational Foundation is honored that Professor Blake LeBaron of Brandeis University will accept the 2014 Mike Epstein award. His work goes beyond the indicators that most of us use to the core of how markets operate and how strategies for dealing with them evolve over time. View entire press release here.
  • 2012 Award Winners, Julie Dahlquist, Ph.D, CMT and Charles Kirkpatrick, CMT – For the first time in 2012, the MTAEF’s Mike Epstein award was given to two recipients! Julie Dahlquist and Charles Kirkpatrick are probably best known for their outstanding book, “Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians.” Their book has been one of the major pieces in the MTA’s Chartered Market Technician program for many years. Aside from being accomplished authors, both Julie and Charles have dedicated a tremendous amount of time to academia, making them an obvious choice to receive this year’s award!
  • 2011 Award Winner, Bruce Kamich, CMT – In 2011, the Mike Epstein Award was award to Bruce Kamich, CMT. Bruce is an adjunct professor at Baruch College and long-time president of the MTAEF. The award was presented to him by Philip Roth, CMT.
  • 2010 Award Winner, Hank Pruden, Ph.D. –  The Mike Epstein Award was issued to Henry (Hank) Pruden, Ph.D. in 2010. Dr. Pruden is a professor at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and has been involved in the technical markets for many years.
  • 2009 Award Winner,  Andrew Lo, Ph.D. – The inaugural Mike Epstein Award was presented to Andrew W. Lo, Ph.D. in 2009. Dr. Lo is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award was presented to him by John Bollinger, CFA, CMT.

Ian Notley Memorial Award


The MTA Educational Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded its First Annual Ian Notley Memorial Award to Emmanuel Sanchez!  Emmanuel is a junior at Baruch College working towards his BBA in Finance, minoring in Psychology – a natural fit with technical analysis and behavioral finance.

A small committee of the MTAEF reviewed several applications for the First Annual Ian Notley Memorial Award on Cycles Research and selected Mr. Sanchez based his cover letter and CV.  All the candidates from Baruch College were exceptional students with good grades and an interest in the industry.

Mr. Sanchez will be meeting with Jonathan Arter this fall to frame out the research project.  He will be making use of the MTA/MTAEF Library at Baruch with its collection of materials from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and the Knowledge Base (KB) of the MTA.

Mr. Sanchez will be attending the MTAEF Fall Fundraiser on November 14 and will give an update on the progress of his research into the Long Wave.